MoneyShot Thrustmaster 10" X8

Money Shot Cinema TX


UPDATE 1-22-23: Lead time is around 10 - 12 business days for this build to order drone. 

The Thrustmaster cinelifter has the capability to carry a cinema camera in ways never before possible using one drone. Lets look at the history of cinelifters in general. In the beginning, everyone wanted to mount their camera straight to the top of the bird to achieve those dynamic 'FPV style' shots that DP's and directors salivate over. Then pilots and manufacturers had the "wild" idea of attaching a gimbal to an FPV cinelifter! This provides the performance, accuracy of flight, and agility that only an FPV drone can provide yet adds the obvious advantages of gimbaled camera carry. The problem with existing market offerings is they only provide the ability to top mount the gimbal. This limits the types of shots you can get! For a true multipurpose cinelifter you need to have the option for bottom gimbal mount as well. The Thrustmaster is the answer and allows you to quickly move from any of the 3 configurations rapidly on set. 

MoneyShot cinema is the first manufacturer to release a true non-DIY professional FPV cinelifter with our original MoneyShot 13" X8 for full size RED carry back in Spring of 2020. Immediately after we launched that product RED camera released the Komodo and we set out to shrink down our bird into the MoneyShot Mini 9" X8. After enjoying wild success in the Cinelifter community selling the Mini X8 we redesigned the bird into the Mini V2 10" Y6. This newer version improved the design drastically in some areas and was also extremely successful. After gathering loads of valuable feedback from our customers we are now offering the new Thrustmaster 10" X8 to give you everything you asked for, and more. Please watch our engineer's CAD design review video for a full rundown of all the new goodies!

    Full Features List: 

    • Rapidly convert the same drone into any of it's 3 configurations within minutes. 1) Non-gimbaled cinema camera carry. 2) Gimbaled cinema camera carry, top mount. 3) Gimbaled cinema camera carry, bottom mount.        
    • No limitation on camera type or lens combo used within the payload limit. Fly anything you want such as the Red Komodo, Zcam, Black Magic Pocket 6K, GH5, or similar 
    • Dovetail toolless quick release allows for flight pack swaps in seconds on set
    • Use one simple adapter plate to mount your RS2/RS3 power adapter or Freefly 'Toad in the Hole' for gimbaled camera carry
    • X8 10" 12s high voltage power system produces a max of 83 LBS of thrust 
    • Max suggested payload (camera/lens/gimbal) of 9 LBS
    • Top speed of 99+ MPH ***FAA approval required past 99mph***
    • Very high cruising speeds
    • Flight time up to 12 minutes (depends on lipo size used)
    • Both XT90 and AS150 flight pack power-in plug options
    • DJI 03 Air Unit compatible
    • High quality M10 GPS on board
    • FPV camera angle indicator
    • Low profile cinema camera mount keeps inertia low
    • Cinema Camera angle adjustment from 0 - 60 degrees (aka FULL SEND)
    • Arm air foils for thrust column turbulence mitigation 
    • Remote FC USB access
    • INAV or betaflight software setup options available
    • Cinema camera power module with 12VDC, 14VDC, or 16VDC power out @ 10A max
    • Cinema camera power module connection type of BOTH XT60 and Dtap, yes you read that correctly
    • Commercial grade electronic speed controllers and power distribution 
    • ESC's and PDB are conformal coated
    • Multiple radio controller link protocol options available 
    • Each unit sold receives extensive testing prior to shipment 
    • Full technical support for the life of your Money Shot Thrustmaster
    • Repair services available. If you crash it we will fix it 
    • Assembled, tested, and supported from Spring Texas, USA 

    ****Bottom mount gimbaled carry will require gimbal landing gear. We have a landing gear set for the DJI RS3 coming soon!****



      • Craft layout type: "X8"
      • Craft layout size (motor-1 to motor-4): 458mm 
      • Craft overall height w/ camera mount and lipo cage (including props): 165mm
      • Craft overall length (including props): 513mm
      • Craft overall width (including props): 631mm


      • 12s craft weight (no lipos): info coming soon
      • 12s craft weight (5100mah 6s 95C lipos):  info coming soon
      • Max payload: 9 LBS (4kg)


      • Number of motors: 8 
      • 12s Max continuous system amperage: 120A per motor 
      • 12s Max burst system amperage: 200A per motor
      • 12s Motor max no load RPM: 24,600 @ 50VDC

      Lipo Battery Set

      • System voltage: 12s
      • Single lipo pack voltage: 6s 
      • Lipo wiring: 2 packs wired in series 
      • Suggested lipo capacity: 4,500mah - 9,500mah 
      • 12s suggested discharge rate: 75C min
      • Lipo plug option #1: AS150 (7mm) - installed as standard 
      • Lipo plug option #2: XT90 (4.5mm) - optional on request
      • Lipo charge cable (included with purchase): Custom AS150 to XT60 or XT90/AS150 to XT60 adapter set


      • Diameter: 10"
      • Pitch: 5
      • Material: Composite plastic

      Camera Power Module 

      • Max Continuous Current: 10A
      • Voltage Selection Options: 7.4V, 8.4V, 12V, 14V, 16V 
      • Fast-logic monitoring of incoming current to automatically control and prevent catastrophic overload conditions

      Craft Miscellaneous

      • Craft will not produce suitable footage using cameras with "IBIS" mechanical image stabilization. 
      • Compatible FPV goggles (DJI 03 Air Unit): DJI V2 Goggles or DJI Goggles 2
      • Compatible FPV goggles (Caddx V1 Air Unit): DJI V1/V2 Goggles
      • Compatible crossfire radio (not included with BNF): FrSky w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module, TBS Tango, Jumper w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module, Radiomaster T16S w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module, or similar 
      • Compatible DJI 03 AU radio: DJI FPV Remote Controller 2
      • Flight controller software: INAV or Betaflight (email for more info)
      • Craft flight mode: Acro (aka "rate") 


       Money Shot Warranty

      Thrustmaster Accessories 

      FPV Video System
      Radio Control Protocol

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