Money Shot Mini V1 (UPGRADED)

Money Shot Cinema TX

The Money Shot Mini is a first of it's kind, poised to revolutionize how you capture aerial footage. Our design has roots in the X Class FPV Drone racing world, where we - Catalyst Machineworks - dominate all competition. We used our extensive experience in the world of drone racing to build the foundation upon which this masterpiece was created... from there, we utilized our flawless design and testing methodology to transition the application from racing to cinema use. 

Small Size BIG Power: 

The Money Shot Mini is the smallest offering in our cinema product lineup and spins 9" props. Don't let it's small size fool you this bird has MASSIVE power packed into the smallest package possible. At only 17" in diameter (430mm motor-1 to motor-4) this little guy can make your proximity dreams a reality! How can such a tiny craft move such large payloads at 99+ MPH?! High voltage and big motors are the key! The MS mini uses an 8s power system instead of 6s, and large stator 3120 motors. At full throttle this bird can produce approx 62 LBS of thrust. With a Komodo and 1.5 LB lens attached your thrust/weight ratio will be 5:1! 

Camera Compatibility:

The Money Shot Mini does not limit you to the Red Komodo or Zcam "box style" cameras. You are free to stick just about any camera / lens combo you want on the camera mount as long as payload doesn't go over 5 LBS. Camera angle adjustment possible from 0 - 45 degrees. The camera mount plate will accept standard 1/4"-20 mounting and 3/8"-16. The mount uses an antivibration damper design to give you that butter smooth footage the cinema world demands. 


Does reliability matter to you? That question is silly. Of course it does! Don't trust your expensive cinema camera to hobby grade gear! 

  • Power System -  The Money Shot Mini uses commercial grade motor speed controller and power distribution boards supplied by our partner, Advanced Power Drives. Each motor has it's own dedicated ESC and each motor set (4 motors) uses a dedicated power distribution board (1 PDB per motor set). Advanced Power Drives is the undisputed leader in reliable power delivery for large high speed FPV craft. They are literally the only company we trust for this application. 
  • FPV System - The DJI FPV system has it's own dedicated lipo battery to provide constant reliable power. DO NOT trust your FPV system stability with a hobby grade stepdown!
  • Flight Control - The flight controller used on our bird is the Brain FPV Radix 2. Brain FPV is located in the USA and well known as the most reliable option available for large high speed FPV craft. We use them exclusively in our Xclass racing builds. There is good reason for this! Brain FPV tests every single FC that leaves their doors. They do not perform sample based QC like Chinese manufacturers. 

Batteries and Flight Time: 

To achieve 8s power a couple 4s packs are wired in series. One battery is mounted to the top of the bird and one on bottom. Batteries are easy to source and the battery type used is very inexpensive! We suggest anywhere from 5000mah to 8000mah 4s packs. Select higher capacity for heavier cameras. The Money Shot Mini is extremely efficient. With 8000mah expect up to 8 minutes flight time under typical flying conditions! The lipos are mounted to battery trays that are removable via toolless quick release. This is important during a shoot when you need rapid efficient replacement of the packs. Don't fumble around with velcro straps in front of your client! Remove the lipos and re-install within seconds. 

Full Features List: 

  • No limitation on camera type or lens combo used. Fly anything you want such as the Red Komodo, Zcam, Black Magic Pocket 6K, GH5, or similar 
  • Capable of extremely agile maneuvers not possible with traditional heavy lift drone / gimbal systems
  • High voltage power system produces a max of 62 LBS of thrust 
  • Max suggested payload (camera/lens) of 5 LBS
  • Top speed of 99+ MPH ***FAA approval required past 99mph***
  • Very high cruising speeds
  • Flight time up to 8 minutes
  • Most reliable FPV cinema drone on the planet 
  • Commercial grade electronic speed controllers and power distribution 
  • Dedicated lipo for FPV system power 
  • Reliable 'Brain FPV' Radix flight controller 
  • ESC's and PDB are conformal coated
  • Crystal clear 720P HD FPV system 
  • Camera angle adjustment from 0 - 45 degrees
  • Long range 'crossfire' diversity radio link 
  • Robust landing gear design
  • GPS installed 
  • OSD (on screen display) info: flight pack single cell voltage, craft name, total GPS satellites found, GPS coordinates, craft speed, and craft distance from home
  • Each unit sold receives extensive testing prior to shipment 
  • Full technical support for the life of your Money Shot Mini
  • Repair services available. If you crash it we will fix it
  • Assembled, tested, and supported from Spring Texas, USA 



    • Craft layout type: "Dead Cat"
    • Craft layout size (motor-1 to motor-4): 430mm diameter
    • Craft overall height (including lipos): 180mm
    • Craft overall length (including lipos): 342mm
    • Craft overall width: 472mm


    • Craft weight (no lipos): 5.53LBS (2510g)
    • Craft weight (8000mah 4s lipos): 8.8 LBS (4000 g)
    • Craft weight (5500mah 4s lipos): 7.9 LBS (3580 g)
    • Max payload: 5 LBS 


    • Number of motors: 8 
    • Max continuous system amperage: 80A per motor 
    • Max burst system amperage: 140A per motor
    • Motor max no load RPM: 20,500 @ 32VDC

    Lipo Battery Set

    • System Voltage: 8s
    • Single Lipo Pack Voltage: 4s
    • Suggested Capacity: 5,500mah - 8000mah 
    • Suggested Discharge rate: 60C min
    • Lipo plug: AS150 (7mm) 
    • Lipo charge cable (included with purchase): Custom AS150 to XT60 adapter set


    • Diameter: 9"
    • Pitch: 5
    • Material: Composite plastic

    Camera Power Module 

    • Max Continuous Power: 120W
    • Max Continuous Current: 10A
    • Voltage Selection Options: 12V, 8V, 6V, 5V 
    • fast-logic monitoring of incoming current to automatically control and prevent catastrophic overload conditions
    • Power button to turn unit on/off

    Craft Miscellaneous

    • Craft will not produce suitable footage using cameras with "IBIS" mechanical image stabilization. 
    • Compatible FPV goggles (sold separate): DJI FPV Goggles 
    • Compatible radio (not included with BNF): FrSky w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module, TBS Tango, Jumper w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module, Radiomaster T16S w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module
    • Craft flight mode: Acro (aka "rate") 
    • FPV system lipo charging connector: XT60
    • Flight controller software: Custom Betaflight firmware
    • Radio included with RTF package: FrSky X9D Plus Special Edition, Crossfire V2 Micro Tx Module, Crossfire Diamond Antenna. Radio is fully setup and bound to the craft


     Money Shot Mini Warranty 

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